500-- Ultra Girl Becomes a Bondage and Chasity Slave

40:03 video

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Sexy Ultra Girl(Rachel Adams) was hot on the trail of yet another evil villain. This time she was looking to put Sinister, an evil purveyor of sexy women turned into bondage and chastity slaves for overseas clients, out of business. 

Having tracked Sinister to his hideout, Ultra Girl enters in order to bring her prey to justice. Soon however Sinister turns the sexy superheroine into prey as he ambushes her, XXXXing her out. Ultra Girl awakens to find herself in bondage and a ball gag tightly secured in her mouth. Stripped of her power belt, she is helpless. 

Soon Sinister reveals his plans and Ultra Girl is XXXX to strip from her superheroine costume and into chastity. Once the sexy superheroine is locked into her chastity device, Sinister re ties her hands and ankles together. He toys with his her, tying a neck rope around her to test her balancing skills. 

After toying with his sexy, topless prey, Sinister places Ultra Girl into the floor. Her elbows are crushed together with rope and the helpless Ultra Girl is pulled into a tight and restrictive hogtie. Once again Sinister plays with his new toy for a bit as he enjoys his spoils. 


Soon Ultra Girl is left to struggle in her bondage and chastity as Sinister leaves to prepare for the new slave's shipment overseas.

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