The Interrogation of Ultra Girl Pt 3

17:23 video

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As part 3 begins, Ultra Girl remains tied spreadeagle to the bed frame, the ball gag still secure in her mouth, as the her interrogation at the hands of The Mole continues. Her nipples have been clamped as the first step in her painful interrogation. Now the evil agent ties her nipple clamps together with twine, putting more pressure on the sore, sensitive superheroines nipples. The nipple clamps are then tied off to the bottom of the bed frame, pulling Ultra Girl's nipples even more and adding more pain to her predicament. She's left to sufer for a few minutes. The nipple clamps are cut free and removed from her nipples and Ultra Girl is left to ponder her fate. 

The Mole returns to proceed with the interrogation. He gropes Ultra Girl's tits and brutally digs his thumbs into her very sore and sensitive nipples. He mercilessly grinds his thumbs into Ultra Girl's nipples drawing grunts from the helpless superheroine as she attempts to avoid the painful interrogation maneuver. 

After punishing her nipples, The Mole turns his attention to the next phase of Ultra Girl's interrogation. He takes his shears and cuts away at her body suit, exposing her abdomen and pelvic regions. He maticulously places electrodes across her pelvic region, just above her pussy, underneath her superheroine pantyhose. There's no doubt what this evil agents intension are. With the electrodes in place and attached to the tens unit, The Mole begins the slow process of electrical interrogation on the sexy superheroine.

Ultra Girl is left to endure the painful electircal interrogation as the power is continually increased bring cries, grunts as the painful electrical stimulus pulsates through her pelvic region. The Mole places nipple clamps back on Her nipples and turns the power up again on the tens unit. 

As The Mole leaves to attend to other business, Ultra Girl is left to suffer in her painful, bondage interrogation predicament as the cries, moans and grunts permiate from behind her gag as the tens unit and nipple clamps work to break the sexy super heroine. 

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