The Interrogation of Ultra Girl Pt 1

17:12 video

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Ultra Girl, Having been previously captured and mummified by the evil agent known as The Mole, has arrived at her captors hideout deep in the mountains. The mummified superheroine is carried in by the evil agent and placed near a bed. Ultra Girl struggles in her tight cocoon as The Mole welcomes her. 

The masked villain lets his captive and mummified superheroine know that she will suffer or talk and that they have nothing but time. Soon the preperation for Ultra GIrl's Interrogation begins. Her head is slowly unwrapped from the mummifiaction. She remains ballgagged from her inital capture. Her body still wrapped tightly in it's mummified cocoon, Ultra Girl can do little but listen to the taunts of The Mole. 

Ultra Girl is left mummified and struggling as The Mole prepares and ties rope to the bed frame. He then uses scissors to begin cutting the tape and schrink wrap mummification off of Ultra Girl. Slowly and methodically he cuts just enough off to untie her elbows and wrists. He ties each of Ultra Girl's arms to the bed frame by the wrist, spreading her arms wide. She struggles, but there is no hope of escape as The Mole continues to taunt the sexy superheroine while groping her body and tits through her body suit. 

With her arms securely tied to the bed frame, The Mole slowly and methocially cuts the rest of Ultra Girl's mummification off, exposing her sexy, hose covered legs. Her ankles remain tied tightly together. Ultra GIrl continues to sdtruggle as best she can, but without the powers of her power belt, there is no hope for the captive superheroine. 

Part 1 ends as the evil agent continues to grope and fondle Ultra Girl's sexy body, taunting her about what a wonderful specimen the sexy superheroine is.  


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