Ultra Girl and The Auctioneer Part 2

23:29 video

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Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended. Ultra Girl has been captured by the Auctioneer and placed on the auction block for slave traders overseas. Having been rendered powerless when her power belt was removed, Ultra Girl could only struggle as her boots were removed as well as her sexy red shorts. 

The Auctioneer continues to wrap Ultra Girl in a tight layer of shrink wrap as he prepares her for shipment as the Auction moves forward. Throughout the process, the sexy superheroine struggles as best she can. Eventually the shrink warp process is complete and Ultra Girl finds herself tightly wrapped and her struggles limited. 

The Auctioneer then begins the final phase of preparing his captive for shipment. Starting at Ultra Girl's ankles, the Auctioneer slowly wraps the superheroine into a tight tape wrap mummification. Ultra Girl continues to try and struggle, but as more and more of her body is tightly wrapped in the tape cacoon, her movement and struggles quickly become minimal. Once he has Ultra Girl tightly wrapped up in her duct tape mummification, the Auctioneer finishes off the process by stuffing a sponge in the superheroines mouth and sealing it shut with tight layers of shrink wrap around her head. 

The mummified Ultra Girl is lowered to the floor. She is fondled a little as the Auctioneer let's her know the auction is over and she has been sold for a record price. The sexy mummified superheroine is left to struggle as best she can as The Auctioneer goes to prepare her shipping container. 

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