Ultra Girl Meets Dr Mummifier Full Length version

31:20 video

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Ultra Girl is hot on the trail of Dr Mummifier, an evil villain who has been terrorizing the women of the area for years. Looking for the chance to capture and put away Dr Mummifier for his evil deeds, Ultra Girl has followed evidence to a hotel several hour away. 

She enters a hotel room hoping to capture a henchman of DR Mummifier's and gain valuable information on the villains hideout and whereabouts. However, Ultra Girl soon discovers that she has been led into a trap, an effort designed to capture the sexy superheroine for Dr Mummifier.

Ultra Girl is XXXX to give up her power belt in an affort to save her friend. Without her power belt and the strength that she gains from it, Ultra Girl soon finds herself tied up tight and struggling. Her wrists and elbows are tightly bound with rope. XXXX onto the bed, her ankles are soon tightly bound and a ball gag is placed in her mouth and secured tightly in place. After making a brief phone call, the masked henched returns to the struggling Ultra Girl and lets her know its time to prepare her to meet Dr Mummifier. A cloth is placed over her mouth and nose and the strulling superheroine is soon incopasitated. 

After a several hours drive, Ultra Girl finally comes face to face with Dr Mummifier. After a brief encounter, the helpless superheroine is led into the dirty, dingy basement lair of the evil villain. It doesn;t take long for Ultra Girl to find out why this evil villain is called Dr mummifier. After taking the superheroine's boots as a keep sake, Dr Mummifier wastes no time as he begins the process of mummifying the Ultra Girl. Starting at her ankles, the villain tightly wraps the superheroine in a tight cacoon all the way to her neck. As the tight, mummified caccon embraces more and more of Ultra Girls sexy body, her struggling slowly disipates. Soon all that is left to see of the superheroine is her pantyhose covered feet and her head. 

Dr Mummifier finishes off Ultra Girl as he tightly wraps and cacoons the superheroine's face and head. The mummification process complete and Ultra Girl ready to be shipped to his client, Dr Mummifier and his henchman leave the cacconed and mummified Ultra Girl to struggle in the floor in the dark, dingy basement lair. 

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