Ultra Girl Meets Dr Mummifier Pt 2

15:26 video

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Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended. 

After a long nights ride, captured Ultra Girl is led into Dr Mummifier's hideout. She is greeted by the evil Dr Mummifier who welcomes her into his world and explains that he has a special client for the sexy superheroine. After the brief introduction, the bound and gagged Ultra Girl is led down into Dr Mummifier's dingy basement lair. Soon she will understand where he gets his name. 

As his hired henchman holds the bound superheroine, Dr Mummifier explains what is about to happen to her. He tells her she will soon be wrapped up nice and tight in a mummified cacoon and prepared to ship to his client overseas. She tries to struggle, but without her power belt escaping from her bondage is futile. Ultra Girls boots are removed by the evil villain as a souvenir keep sake. Ultra Girl is left standing and struggling, her pantyhose covered feet on the cold dirty concrete floor. 

Beginning with her sexy pantyhose covered legs, Dr Mummifier beings the process of mummifying the sexy superheroine. Slowly he takes his material and works his way up Ultra Girl's sexy body, making sure to antagonize her throughout the process. The masked henchmen holds the struggling superheroine in place as she slowly beomes wrapped in a cacoon. 

Slowly Ultra Girl's body is wrapped tight from ankles to shoulders. Her wrsits and arms still tightly tied with rope arm encased to her body. All that remains uncovered is her sexy pantyhose covered feet and her beautiful face. But that will soon change. 

Before finishing off his work, Dr Mummifier takes a moment to look over his work and relish in telling Ultra Girl that she will soon be completely cacooned. After admiring his work, Dr Mummifier begins the process of finishing Ultra Girl off. He slowly encases her beautiful face and head in a tight mummified cacoon, only leaving her nose clear so that the sexy superheroine makes it to her final destination alive. 

Completely cacooned and mummified, Ultra Girl is left to struggle as best she can on the cold, dirty concrete floor as the 2 evil villains are off to celebrate their conquest!

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