Ultra Girl Meets Dr. Mummifier Pt 1

16:16 video

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Sexy Rachel Adams returns as Ultra Girl in another superheroine adventure. 

Dr Mummifier is known to captured sexy women, mummify them and ship them overseas to well paying clients. Ultra Girl is on mission to find Dr. Mummifier and bring him to justice. Dr Mummifier knows all about Ultra Girl and has his sights set on the sexy superheroine. 

As part 1 begins, Ultra Girl has tracked Dr Mummifier's hired henchman to a local hotel. Set on capturing the henchman and getting information on Dr Mummifier's location, Ultra Girl enters the room. Unfortunately for Ultra Girl this has been an elaborate trap, designed to capture Ultra Girl. 

Once inside the room, the sexy superheroine is met by the masked henchman. He stops her in her tracts as she begins to demand the whereabouts of Dr Mummifier. Ultra Girl has fallen for the trap. The masked man approaches her with a live video feed of Ultra Girls firend, tiedup and helpless in a bathtub of rising water. In order to save her friend, Ultra Girl must capitulate and give herself up. 

The masked man demands Ultra Girl to remove her power belt if she wants to save her friend. After a few minutes of verbal exchange, Ultra Girl hesitantly removes her power belt and gives it over to Dr Mummifiers henchman. The sexy superheroine is now powerless and defenseless against her would be captor. 

Ultra Girl is soon placed in tight bondage. FIrst her elbows are tightly tight together, followed by her wrists. After groping the sexy superheroine, the masked man manhandles Ultra Girl onto the bed and tightly binds her ankles. Ultra Girl struggles with all of her might, but without her power belt she escape is impossible. 

Ultra Girl is gagged with a ball gag and antagonized with her power belt. Her captor makes a brief phone call. The masked man leaves the bound and gagged Ultra Girl on the bed only to return with a rag in his hand. The masked amn grabs Ultra Girl, pulling her close and places the rag over the superheroine's nose and mouth. Ultra Girl fights and struggles for a few moments before finally becoming incapacitated. 

As part 1 ends, Ultra Girl is left on the bed, tied up, gagged and asleep. It will soon be time for the sexy superheroine to meet Dr. Mummifier..

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