Ultra Girl and The Inquisitor part 1

17:05 video

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Superheroine crime fighter Ultra Girl is on the trail of The Inquisitor, a menace who has been terrorizing women all over. He grabs them from their daily lives, holds them captive and torments them with devlish bondage predicaments. Ultra Girl has tracked him to a hide out in the mountains. She has the element of surprise as she quietly enters the lair and searches for her target. But does she have the element of surprise? or is it just a trap by The Inquisitor. She finds her target and gives chase. A struggle ensues and Ultra Girl is injected with a paralyzing agent. Now she is at the mercy of the evil Inquisitor. She is foced to reveal the source of her power in exchange for the antidote. Her power belt removed, she is tied up nice and tight before the antidote is given. Her boots are removed and the Iquisitor torments her with her power belt. He leaves her to struggle, giving her a chance to get to her power belt before he returns. However, she doesn;t make it in time. The Inquisitor returns just as Ultra Girl is getting close to her power belt. He tells her that he has some nice things set up for her during her stay. As part 1 ends, Ultra Girl is tossed over his shoulder and carried off. 

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