683-- Ultra Girl and The Mole Pt 1

16:32 video

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Rachel Adams returns to action as sexy superheroine Ultra Girl. Ultra Girl has been captured while trying to track down The Mole, an evil double agent out to sale out the government by trading secrets and spying for our adversaries. 

As the action pics up, Ultra Girl has been incapacitated by the evil double agent. We find her tied in a chair as The Mole wakes her from her XXXX. Startled, the sexy superheroine struggles as she tries to figure out what is going on. Asking about her power belt, she is told that her power belt has already been dealt with, so she need not worry. 

As she protest and struggles againt her binds, The Mole explains to her that this is just the geginning, as he has to prepare her for the trip to his hideout. Ultra Girl is gagged with a big black ballgag and her boots are removed exposing her sexy nylon covered feet. Her ankles are retied and The Mole begins his preperations to package the sexy superheroine for the trip to his hideout. 

Now standing, Ultra Girl continues to struggle as The Mole slowly wraps her in shrink wrap. From her bound ankles to her shoulders, Ultra Girl is slowly encased in a very tight layer of the shrink wrap, making the superheroine evenmore helpless. Once The Mole is satified with his tight wrap of of his adverary, he takes a moment to enjoy, caressing and fondling the the superheoines sexy body through the layer on shrink wrap. 


As part 1 ends, This is only the beginning for Ultra Girl's peril as The Mole will soon encase the superheroine in a tight layer of tape, turning Ultra Girl into a mummy for her trip to the evil double agent's hideout. 

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