679- Ultra Girl and The Inquisitor Full version

53:34 video

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Deep in the mountains of the Appalachian's, The Inquisitor has been tormenting women on the east coast. Grabbing them, holding them captive and subjecting them to cruel torment for his shear enjoyment! Sexy Superheroine Ultra Girl(Rachel Adams) has had enough and is hot on his trail. Having traced him to his secret moutain hideaway, Ultra Girl quietly sneaks into the lair looking to catch him by surprise. As she enters, she finds evidence of what The Inquisitor has been doing to the innocent women up and dowen the east coast. More determined than ever to stop him, she continues her search proceeding quietly trough the lair. 

Moving caustiously upsatirs and into the 2nd floor, Ultra Girl finds The Inquisitor and gives chase catching him at the rear door as he attempts to escape. They struggle and using her superheroine stregth, Ultra Girl tosses The Inquisitor to the floor. She pounces on his chest, sitting on him and pinning his shoulders down with her knees. As she works to unmask the devilish fiend, The Inquisitor injects her with a paralyzing agent. 

No longer able to control her body, Ultra Girl slumps down on top of The Inquisitor. With a fiendish laugh, he rolls Ultra Girl onto the floor asking her " who's in control now?" He tells the helpless superheroine that he will give her the antidote, but only if she reveals her power source. Knowing that she is paralyzed, she reluctantly tells him her power belt is her source of power. He quickly removes her power belt. A fiend of his word, The Inquisitor gives Ultra Girl the antidote to the paralyzing agent, but not before tying her hands and ankles tightly with rope and placing a large ballgag in her mouth. 

Ultra Girl is left alone for a few minutes and toyed with a chance to get her power belt back and escape. She struggles across the floor, slowly making her way to the poewer belt only to have The Inquisitor return just as she gets to the belt. He tells her he has something special planned for her and then lifts her up over his shoulder and carries her away.

Ultra Girl is brought into the lower level of the lair and quickly tied securely to a bed post. Her gag is removed as The Inquisitor begins to question her for information. Ultra Girl refuses to talk and continues to warn him that she will take him down. The Inquisitor uses a riding crop as well as a flogger on ULtra Girl's sexy legs in an attempt to coax information out of her. Ultra Girl continues to refuse, struggling, fighting and resisting eaach step. The ballgag os placed back in her mouth to silence her and the torment continues. 

Soon Ultra Girl find herself in a bondage predicament. Standing, her legs are tied to the legs of a chair. Her hands tied behind her back and tied off to the back of the chair. The Inquisitor adds a tight crotch rope and tied it ogg to the bed frame, pulling Ultra Girl onto the tip toes. With her legs strained by being on her tip toes, The Inquisitor returnes to his interrogation of her by using the riding crop and flogger on Ultra Girl's legs. As the strain on her legs intensifies, Ultra Girl is force to make a decision. Stay on her tip toes and endure the strain and pain to her legs or lower to feet to the floor and pull the crotch rope tighter and deeper into her. It's a fiendish predicament The Inquisitor has put her in. 


After being put through the riggors of the crotch rope predicament, Ultra Girl is mcved to the floor. Wrists and ankles tied tightly, she intoemented by The INquisitor with her belt. She is placed into a tight hogtie. Her belt is tossed across the bed frame. The Inquisitor tells the sexy superheroine that he ahs other business to attend to and will return. She is told that if she can get to her power belt and escape, then they will meet again one day! The Inquisitor leaves and Ultra Girl struggles to get to her power belt. 

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