588-- Ultra Girl Meets Dr Mummystein Pt 1

19:14 video

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Sexy superheroine Ultra Girl is back in action. Ultra Girl has been lured to a location on the premise of giving an interview for a professor doing research on superheroines and superheroes. Ultra Girl gladly accepted the invite, willing to provide insight into the world of crime fighting superheroines. Unfortunately Ulra Girl is unaware that Dr Mummie isn't who he claims to be, but is actually the Evil Dr Mummystein. An evil professor who mummifies his victims in order to conduct reserach on them. 

As the interview progresses, Ultra Girl, sipping on the water provided,happily talks about her back ground and involvement in the world of superheroines. Slowly Ultra Girl begins to feel the effects of the tainted water and is soon rendered helpless. Dr Mummystein moves in taking a moment to enjoy his conquest.He removes Ultra Girl's power belt, tossing it away. He then removes the sexy superheroine's boots. 

Soon Ultra Girl finds herself tied to a post in Dr Mummystein's hideout as she is awakened by her evil captor. SHe attempts to struggle, but without her power belt, it is futile. Dr Mummystein explains his plans for Ultra Girl, letting the sexy superheroine know that she will soon be turned into a mummy for his continued research. Ultra Girl protest to no avail as Dr Mummystein begins the process.

Starting at her ankles, Dr Mummystein slowly wraps Ultra GIrl in the fist layer of the mummification process. Shrink wrap is tightly wrapped around the sexy superheroine from ankle to shoulders. Cocooning her to the post and rendering her completely helpless. Dr Mummystein takes his time, making sure that the fisrt layer is good and tight. 

With Ultra Girl securely wrapped in her first layer in the mummification process, Dr mummystein decides it's time to shut the fiesty superheoine up. A blue sponge is stuffed in Ultra Girl's mouth. More shrink wrap is then tightly wrapped around Ultra Girl's mouth, sealing the sponge in place and securing her head tightly against the post. 


Part 1 ends as Dr Mummystein finishes tightly wrapping Ultra Girl's head in shrink wrap, securing it tightly to the post and plunging the sexy superheroine into a world of darkness.

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