550- Ultra Girl Submits to Tight Bondage to Save the City Pt 1

15:41 video

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Ultra Girl( Rachel Adams) is back in action as she takes on familiar nemesis Sinister. Ultra Girl has been summoned by Sinister to his mountain lair hideout. Upon arriving at Sinister's lair, the evil villain informs the sexy Superheroine that he has placed a bomb on the local dam and that all the citizens of the city will perish unless Ultra Girl submits to his demands and his tight bondage. 

Ultra Girl protest at first, but when Sinister shows her the timer, she eventually and reluctantly capitulates to his demands. Sinister humiliates Ultra Girl in the beginning, demanding that she hand over her power belt before forcing the sexy superheroine to kneel in submission to him. 

Sinister then begins the process of placing his submissive Ultra Girl into her tight bondage predicament. He begins by tying her hands tightly behind her back. Ultra Girl's elbows are then crushed together tight with more rope. Once her arms are tightly secured, Sinister moves Ultra Girl to a siiting position in hte floor. He humiliates Ultra Girl some more by removing the sexy superheroine's boots, leaving her in her pantyhose clad feet exposed. 

Sinister then continues to rope Ultra Girl up tying her ankles tightly together followed by her legs being tied tight above the knees. More rope is then use around her chest, pulling her arms tight to her body, leaving her with very little ability to move her arms at all. Ultra Girl protests throughout the entire process, letting Sinister know he will not get away with his evil scheme. 

Once he has Ultra Girl good and secure in the first round of her tight bondage predicament, Sinister decides it's time to shut the sexy superheroine up so he shove a large ball gag in her mouth and secures in tightly in place. Sinister then takes a moment to enjoy his prized submissive by fondling and groping her through her costume and admiring her sexy body. 


This is where part 1 ends

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